Wednesday, July 20, 2016

LANAP Laser Dentistry in Palo Alto, CA Is Safe for Pregnant Women

Lanap Laser DentistryThe benefits of LANAP laser dentistry in Palo Alto CA cannot be overstated. If you are pregnant and suffering from gum disease, you need to treat it. Your OBGYN will likely advise you to do so immediately because of the risks gum disease poses to an unborn child. If you have gum disease, you are at a greater risk for having your baby premature, which can lead to a variety of health complications for them, including difficulty breathing, heart problems, etc. This condition can also lead to your baby being born underweight. This is why pregnant women are encouraged to receive regular dental care throughout their pregnancy.

The challenge is that while pregnant, you also must be careful with the types of medication you use and whether or not you are given anesthesia. Traditional gum disease treatments require this. That is because metal dental tools are used to scrape away the plaque and tartar, and this is incredibly uncomfortable. Simultaneously, if you have gum recession and need to have your gums restored, cuts and sutures will be made. Naturally, this too requires anesthesia. This is not the case with our solution, and that is what makes it safe for pregnant women.

Reasons to Schedule an Appointment for LANAP Laser Dentistry in Palo Alto CA
#1 - Your gum disease must be treated.
Leaving it alone is not a wise option, given the risk gum disease poses to your unborn child.
#2 - It is safe.
We use lasers to treat gum disease, and LANAP allows us to take the process one step further. We can actually restore your gum tissue safely and without needing to give you anesthesia.
#3 - The recovery process is fast.
Since we are not cutting into your gums or placing sutures, we can complete the process quickly so you can get in and out of our office. If you suffer from some form of dental anxiety, you will find this to be advantageous. Once you leave our office, the recovery will be fast as well, since you are unlikely to have any bleeding, and any swelling will be very minor. By the next day, your gums should look and feel better than they did when you first visited our office.
#4 - You will be protecting your teeth.
If you allow your gum disease to advance, your teeth will be put at risk and you may develop infections that must be addressed or you will eventually lose your teeth. Being proactive now can save you time, money, and effort in the future.

Visit Perio & Implant Center Silicon Valley for LANAP Laser Dentistry in Palo Alto CA
We believe that you can have excellent oral health and that your gums can be healthy and free from disease. We use modern dentistry techniques and lasers in order to achieve this goal because we understand how this solution is far superior to traditional means. Still, it is up to you to make the choice to experience the benefit of laser dentistry for yourself. Whether you are currently under the care of a general dentist or looking for a new one, call Perio & Implant Center Silicon Valley today and schedule your appointment for LANAP laser dentistry.


Friday, July 1, 2016

How You Can Benefit from Implant Dentistry

Implant DentistryImplant dentistry is one of the modern marvels associated with today's dental care. With implant dentistry, we have been able to recreate the natural function of teeth in a way that makes sure your teeth look and feel exactly like your natural teeth. What is even more amazing is that with dental implants, we are not only giving you the effect of having natural teeth but are actually mimicking the biological functions of the various elements of teeth. In addition to this, and potentially the most important, you do not have to live with tooth loss anymore.
Dental Implants Are -
  • Strong and allow you to eat like you would with normal teeth.
  • Durable enough to last a lifetime. 
  • Natural-looking so that your smile appears intact. 
  • Beautiful like your natural teeth.
  • Mimic your natural teeth so that your jaw also benefits. 
Tooth loss adversely affects a large portion of the population, and while it is common that tooth loss is mostly in the domain of people of a certain age, it is also true that people of any age can lose the tooth. This is because gum disease, accidents, etc. can happen to anyone at any time. All of these can lead to you losing a tooth and needing to have a replacement. If you do need to get a tooth replacement, you have several choices, including dental implants or dentures. There are pros and cons with every method of replacing teeth, and the good news is that no matter what method you chose, you will not have to live with tooth loss. With implant dentistry, however, you also do not have to live with the sticky, gooey mess that is associated with the adhesives used to bind dentures.
Implant dentistry functions on a very simple concept. If we are able to duplicate the natural functions of the teeth, its roots, and its interaction with the jawbone, you will have far better chances of having a strong and stable replacement tooth. As such, implant dentistry uses titanium, one of the few materials known to man that can actually fuse with human tissue, to replace the root of your tooth in a procedure known as placing an implant. The implant itself is actually a tiny titanium screw that screws directly into your jawbone. There are several reasons why a dental implant is placed directly into the jawbone. First and foremost, it allows the jaw to support the dental implant in much the same way as it supports the natural tooth root structure. Secondly, this added stability and support allows for you to have a dental implant that is strong, stable, and more importantly, able to sustain a dental crown, or fake tooth, for a much longer period of time. The third and most important reason from a biological standpoint is that when we place the titanium screw into the jawbone, it duplicates the functions of your naturally occurring tooth root. Essentially, what this does is stimulate the jawbone, allowing for the body to continue supporting its functions, which in turn makes the jawbone healthier and stronger.