Monday, March 24, 2014

Look into Laser Dentistry Palo Alto

laser dentistry Palo Alto
Medical technology is always changing, just like the new laser dentistry Palo Alto. A fascinating idea developed using modern technology to enhance a patient’s visit to the dentist’s office, and leaving them feeling much better than they did when they arrived, and possibly before laser dentistry ever made its debut. But what it is? Just like laser eye surgery, or cosmetic laser surgery, it is dental surgery using specially designed lasers that produce beams of light to come in contact with tissue that make up a person’s mouth. Since 1990, doctor’s having been using laser dentistry to help alleviate a host of tooth troubles. It may still not be an option for everyone, but we highly suggest you look into the latest on laser dentistry and its newest updates.

But why would you want your dentist to use a high powered beam of light on your mouth? The same reason people may opt to get laser eye surgery, it enhances their site, but with laser dentistry, the variety of its uses cannot only enhance someone’s mouth, but correct problem areas, as well. Dental lasers can be used for a host of things. If you are looking to enhance the features of your mouth, laser instruments are used for the teeth whitening process. Throw away those over the counter strips, or the promise of your brand toothpaste making your teeth white and go for the laser treatment- it’s not as complicated, and its much, faster too!

Our laser dentistry Palo Alto location offers this cutting edge technology to our patients.  The technology has also come a long way because of what it can do for patients suffering other types of oral ailments. While there are many options a patient has in treating or curing oral disease, or problematic tooth, once again the laser option is a faster option, and less invasive to. So if you frequently suffer from cold sores, have to constantly get your crowns readjusted, or are prone to infections after a root canal, laser dentistry may be the way to go. Less common, but still rather problematic dental disasters that laser dentistry can fix include helping to expose wisdom teeth that are erupting, helping overgrown tissue in the mouth that may be a side effect from certain medications, perform biopsies on the mouth to aiding in the treatment of gum disease.

Laser technology in medicine did not stop in the aid of oral care. Dentists can use laser dentistry as quicker or less stressful option in curing all types of dental ailments. Though laser dentistry is not for everyone, if you’re someone who is looking to have those wisdom teeth looked, tired of cold sores that keep coming back, to just wanting to pretty up your smile, this could be the option you have been needing. And there are no better experts when it comes to laser dentistry than the division at Laser Dentistry Palo Alto located at the Perio & Implant Center by Stanford Medical Center. Our team will help access your eligibility for laser treatment and will recommend the best course of action for you. So give us  call today and see what laser treatment can do for you!

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Create a Captivating Smile with Cosmetic Dentistry Palo Alto

cosmetic dentistry
Are you thinking about Cosmetic Dentistry Palo Alto? Well, you should stop thinking about it, and finally decide to give Perio & Implant Center by Stanford Medical Center a call! Who wants to spend the time worrying about their smile? Life can be busy with work, school, and family to worry about – your smile shouldn’t be one of them. People will easily notice your new and improved smile.  It’s an easy decision to decide if cosmetic dentistry is for you. If you keep thinking about your smile, wondering how others will react, and are paying attention to our ads, then you’re well on your way to a dental do-over.

Cosmetic dentistry is gaining in popularity today, and it is surprising just how many television and music celebrities have had a procedure of their own. Most people do not naturally have perfectly straight, bright white smiles.  If they do, it is likely because of cosmetic dentistry.  Whether it’s a simple teeth whitening procedure for a glowing smile to closing a gap that has always made you somewhat self-conscious, cosmetic dentistry can fix a variety of dental problems. There is a long list of procedures a person can do to enhance their smile, anything from bonding a cracked tooth, deciding on veneers, enamel shaping, implants, to invisible braces. As an added bonus cosmetic dentistry is faster than traditional braces and won’t make you feel self-conscious, as braces often do.  If your smile isn’t something you wear all the time, maybe one of these dental procedures can be a good choice for you.

A smile is contagious. But if you’re hiding what makes up your smile, cosmetic dentistry can work a special kind of magic. And whatever procedure turns out best for you, after consulting with your dentist, the results may simply amaze you. It is not about changing your smile, or making you look completely different. It is about enhancing the features you already have, doing minor fixes on gaps you’ve hid since middle school, to giving you back a confident and award-winning smile.  All of this can be done at our cosmetic dentistry Palo Alto location.

If you’ve been thinking about doing something different for that upcoming high school reunion, making sure your teeth are bright and white for your wedding day, or you just know that with a little shaping that your smile will make a difference for a big day, or even a regular day in your life- Cosmetic dentistry Palo Alto is something you should look into. Our office can help with your research to find which option would best suit you.  Schedule a cosmetic dentistry consult with Perio & Implant Center by Stanford Medical Center. Our staff can help you decide what is best way to give you the smile you’ve always wanted. Book a consultation today and get started on getting that smile you have always dreamed of.