Friday, February 26, 2016

Why We are Number One for Implant Dentistry

We are number one for implant dentistry and can easily replace your missing teeth.  Whether you have lost one or several teeth, we can provide you with a durable and secure replacement solution that looks entirely natural.  We love dental implants because this is the only solution that replaces both your missing root and the tooth.

Here is how the process works –

We implant a small titanium post under your gums and secure it to your jawbone.  The body responds to titanium like it would natural matter.  As a result, bone will be deposited around the implant, literally fusing metal and bone through the process of osseointegration.  It takes a couple of months for this to happen but once it does, your new tooth will be as secure as a natural one.  When ready, we will attach an abutment to your implant at the surface of your gums and then secure a dental crown (new tooth) to it.  The crown will have been created in the dental lab using an impression of your mouth, measurements and a shade card.  This way it will blend in with your surrounding teeth and look completely natural.

We are number one for implant dentistry because –

#1 We specialize in complex dental treatments and implant dentistry.

Some dentists perform implant surgery as a small part of their practice.  Without ongoing clinical experience, they may inadvertently make a mistake or perform the procedure in a way that causes unnecessary irritation.  The procedure has a high success rate but the more often it is performed, the more successful it is likely to be.  We are constantly placing dental implants and are focused on this area of our practice.

#2 We are a laser dentistry.

Whenever possible we use lasers to help improve the process of our procedures.  Lasers can be used to help reduce bleeding in implant surgery.  We generally use them to make what we do more comfortable and to reduce recovery times.  By leveraging dental technology, we can improve your experience.

#3 Our service is amazing.

Yes, we are a dentist but that does not mean that you should not expect amazing customer service.  We want you to be excited to visit our office and we will provide you with excellent service so that you are.  You can depend on us to greet you with a smile, to gladly answer your questions and to provide you with the information you need to be fully prepared and well-informed. You can also call us at any time after the procedure and during your recovery process.

#4 We are focused on quality.

Your dental implants can last a lifetime if they are placed correctly.  We use the best materials and focus on quality so that your new tooth or teeth can stand the test of time.  You should not have to worry about regularly replacing your teeth and when you visit our implant dentistry office, you won’t. 

To learn more about us or to schedule an appointment for implant dentistry, call today.

Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Why You Should Have Pinhole Surgical Rejuvenation for Your Gums

In our clinic, we perform the Pinhole Surgical Rejuvenation procedure.  This is the best way to restore the health of your gums after gum disease.  It is extremely common for adults to suffer from gum disease.  In fact, most people will have the earliest form of it, gingivitis, at some point during their lifetime. Whether or not it grows to full-blown gum disease depends on how often you see the dentist and what other risk factors you have. 

In its advanced stage, gum disease will cause your gum tissue to pull away from your tooth structure.  More of your teeth will be exposed and eventually your roots could be as well.  As pockets are created in your gum tissue, you are at an increased risk for infection and bacteria will have more of a direct shot to attacking your teeth and roots.  The result can be infections, loose teeth and eventual tooth loss.  Gum disease is actually one of the leading causes of adult tooth loss so preventing it is incredibly important. For this, we recommend that you visit the dentist twice a year for a teeth cleaning.

If you have passed this point and are experiencing symptoms of gum disease, it is time for you to call our office.  We use the latest in technology to treat gum disease so that you can become healthy again, without the use of invasive dental tools.  We offer a unique procedure called Pinhole Surgical Rejuvenation.  Using this technique, we can stimulate the gums and secure them back around your teeth.  Typically, this has to be done using surgery, in which a gum graft is completed to attach tissue to your gums.  The tissue can be taken from the roof of your mouth or it can even come from a tissue bank.  In any case, the traditional process involves cutting your gums and sutures.  Given how sensitive gum tissue is, this procedure can be both uncomfortable and irritating.  Naturally, it also comes with a  fairly extensive recovery period.  This is something that our clients are trying to avoid and with Pinhole Surgical Rejuvenation, they can.

To complete  the procedure, we make a small “pinhole” in the gum tissue so that we can insert our instruments and begin working with the gums so that the tissue moves back up around the teeth.  The process is faster than traditional gum surgery and since we only make a pinhole, your gums will not swell up, bleed or be irritated like they traditionally would.  When you are comparing your options and reviewing a traditional gum graft as compared with Pinhole Surgical Rejuvenation, there really is no comparison.  Our solution is far more convenient, comfortable, faster, and with less of a recovery period. 

Gum disease is common but innovative solutions are not.  Pinhole Surgical Rejuvenation is not offered by very many dentists offices.  This is why you may not have heard of it.  However, if you know that your gums require treatment, we encourage you to visit our office for a second opinion and to learn how this procedure can benefit you specifically.